Le virtù

LE VIRTU’ is an apartment, located on the first floor of a Tuscan farmhouse, with two double bedrooms and one single. The three rooms are each dedicated to a virtue: STRENGTH, WISDOM, BEAUTY, which can be interpreted as the necessary virtues present in every woman. Due to her structure, women are generally more fragile anatomically, but psychologically they are stronger; she is usually more circumspect than the male gender, more thoughtful and therefore wiser; the beauty that can come out of the Greek canons should not be underestimated as “it is not beautiful what is beautiful”, but “it is beautiful what you like”.

The three virtues can also have an esoteric aspect and they guide a virtual journey towards the Light, understood as inner perfection, which will never be fully achieved.

In the living area of the apartment the three Virtues make a fine show of themselves in a fresco taken from Botticelli, in this environment it is possible to relax in comfortable armchairs reading a book or watching the news on television. Here there is a cooking point with modern appliances.

FORZA, a single room with private bathroom, which according to Nordic customs lacks a bidet, shows on its walls the aspect of military force with engravings representing soldiers by Salvator Rosa and the mystical force with a painting from the 1600s, depicting a mighty St. Peter. The single Piedmontese “boat” bed is embellished with carvings.

WISDOM, double room on whose walls some 1500 prints representing the spring and autumn equinoxes and the completed winter and summer solstices show themselves, given that without it there is no wisdom, from the representation of ingenuity.

BEAUTY double room on whose walls stand out a discrete Magdalene from the 1700s as a mystical beauty, a Florentine painting from the 17th century with the “DIFFERENT” beauty represented by an ephebe and on the chest of drawers, however, dominates a ceramic depicting a young lady “of easy virtue” representing mercenary beauty.